Skimmer Outdoors, was developed by Al Lorenzetti and Tim C. Smith as an outgrowth of their video production activities and their own personal interests related to outdoor sports. In the course of their work, Al and Tim have produced a number of quality fishing productions. They have also had the opportunity to work closely with other individuals and businesses that focus upon outdoor recreation. Skimmer Outdoors, designed to be a directory of their experience, is related to these outdoor activities. In it you will find the information you want about their exciting products and services. You will also find convenient links to many outdoor activities and products related to fishing, boating, hunting, shooting sports, photography and video production. Great pictorials, plus references and links to products and businesses that Al and Tim have come to trust for quality and consumer satisfaction are all included. What has taken Al and Tim years to discover by trial and error can be yours in just a short browse of their web page